vslawson.com_about headshotBorn and raised in the frenetic metropolis that is Hong Kong, my love affair with the written word started at an early age when I requested a copy of Shakespeare’s Complete Works for my 7th birthday… yeah, I was that kid…

After briefly considering a career in Law while studying Criminology at Leeds University (and neglecting any creative pursuits), writing and I reconciled. And I haven’t looked back…

I created All Things Indulgent in 2012, a blog focused on inspiring and teaching others the joy of DIY fashion and cooking. Over the years, my interests and writing-style have evolved and expanded. While I still enjoy and intend on sharing my DIY endeavours and culinary creations, I needed a platform to express more of myself, which how VSLawson came to be. Plus, to be honest, the blisters and burns were an absolute bitch!

So, welcome! Here you can find articles covering everything from fashion, food and travel to (probably profanity-laden) opinion pieces and socially-driven content, because who doesn’t love a good “Top 10” list?

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to shoot me an email at vanessaslawson@gmail.com. Chat soon!

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