Top 5 Songs to Get Up and Go

Let me tell you how I start my mornings. The sunlight dapples through the window and I bound out of bed, ready to face the day. Just kidding, I’m not really a morning person – I need serious motivation. Obviously a zesty shower gel, strong cup of coffee and freshly baked pastries help, but sometimes you just need the right playlist to kick off the day. So, next time you need to get up and go, chuck on one of these tunes and I guarantee the day will only get better from there.

Lover – Chet Faker x WKND
I genuinely don’t know how it’s possible to not love this song. It’s like that first sip of cider on a sunny day, it’s feeling the soft grass under your bare feet, it’s a warm breeze drifting through your hair as you sit on the beach… in a word – it’s bottled happiness.

Listen to the Man – George Ezra
Other than the fact the music video features the legendary Sir Ian McKellen and is freaking adorable, this tune reminds me that “you don’t need a plan of what you’re wanna do”, rather just trust, let go and enjoy life’s rollercoaster ride.

A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton Remix) – MNEK
Hands up, who remembers the original? Well I certainly do and whilst I am usually a purist when it comes to most things, I’m obsessed with this remix by British artist MNEK.

No Church In The Wild – Jay Z x Kanye West
Bad. Ass. Yes, you may recognise it from The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Chuck this tune on in the morning and you’ll be strutting your stuff, ready to face anything the world throws at you.

Further On – Bronze Radio Return
“Moving every day, going further on…”, motivational words to start the day paired with a happy pop/folksy tune (think Mumford & Sons vibes) and I’m sold!

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