Foodie Diary: NYC Deli

I’ve been travelling around the states for the last week, eating my way through iconic city faves. During my most recent 4 day trip to NYC there was one particular item that I possibly couldn’t miss: a food so iconically associated with New York and that I as of yet have not been able to find it as delicious anywhere else in the world. That my friends, is New York deli…more specifically, the pastrami and the corned beef. Don’t be mistaken, the stuff you buy from the cold cuts counter or pre-packaged in the supermarket is not the same! This stuff is the real deal, and these two spots are my go-to’s whenever I’m in NYC. This time, as I was here for 4 days, I managed to pop by both – that’s a win in my (foodie diary) book!


Sarge’s Deli
548 3rd Ave, Manhattan, NY 10016
(212) 679-0442

Introduced to me through my brother-in-law, I love this place. It’s pretty small and cozy but after renovating following a fire two years back, the ambience and décor seems lifted while the food remains as good as I remember. Portions are massive. Like, “so big I don’t even know where to begin” massive. Their meats are sliced wafer thin, which I guess gives them the idea that they need to stack an unholy amount of meat between two slices of rye (the only bread you should be eating with proper deli). The pastrami is full of flavour and utterly disintegrates with the back of a fork, add some of their spicy mustard, a fresh pickle and you’ll see why this place is firm fave.




Katz’s Deli
205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002
(212) 254-2246

Firstly, this place has the history. Yes it’s in pretty much every single guide book on NYC but there’s a reason. It is damn delicious! Around since 1888, this lower East side deli has been dishing up amazing eats consistently, decade after decade. The dining difference with Sarge’s is chalk and cheese, where Sarge’s is quiet and cozy, Katz’s usually has a queue out the door (late lunch/early afternoon is usually best, weekends will always be crazy), you’ll have to elbow your way through if there’s a crowd just to place your order. The light at the end of the tunnel however, is the meat. Thick, hand cut, juicy, salty, fatty, juicy…this meat is unreal. They slice you a couple “sampler slices” as you wait and that moment it touches your tongue, I defy you not to get hooked!


Obviously there are plenty of delicious deli places in NYC and if I had more than four days I would’ve definitely made it my mission to try them…


New Yorkers and visitors alike, what are your favourite deli spots?


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