DIY Neon Figurines

Franc Franc has got to be one of my favourite stores in Hong Kong, originally from Japan, this home-ware store focuses on eye-catching pieces that accentuate the simplistic. Their designs tend to embody that stereotypical quirky Japanese edge with a hint of girly fun – which is obviously right up my street! They had these cute animal figurines in the kids section and being the big kid I am, I was utterly obsessed with them. I had to DIY some for myself!

Neon Figurines_4

One of the things I love about DIYing is making items that are both thrifty and personalised, case in point – these neon animal figurines! This DIY makes a big impact and you still get to pinch the pennies (ideal!)

What you need:

  • Spray paint (white and your selected colour)
  • Plastic animal figurines (you can find these in $-stores or toy shops)
  • Newspaper
  • Contact Adhesive

Neon Figurines_1

Time to DIY

Lay out some newspaper and spray your figurines with the white spray first, leave to dry. Spray with white so that the colour spray paint will cover the figurines more evenly. (you may have to spray more than once!

Neon Figurines_2

Spray the figurines with the colour spray paint (again, you may have to spray more than once!) Leave to dry.
Neon Figurines_3

Once the figurines are dry you can use them to accentuate all sorts of home-furnishings

Neon Figurines_5

They’re eye-catching enough on their own but why not try gluing a figure on top of a special block photoframe!? You can glue a figure to a simple glass dish (again from a $-store) to make a funky jewellery holder. If you’re looking to DIY a cute table decoration then glue a figurine to a large jar (time to hit up the $-store again!) and fill the jar with all sorts – flowers, petals, ribbons, pebbles, marbles…endless possibilites! This type of table decoration can accentuate any kind of event, from a birthday dinner to baby shower!

IWANTTOHEARFROMYOU_GRAPHICHow would you DIY with this menagerie?


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