DIY Chanel Keychain Tutorial

DIY Chanel inspired Keychain

It would appear that not only am I taking inspiration from the SS14 Chanel catwalk, but Chanel took some serious arts ‘n crafts inspiration for some of their SS14 accessories. Merging grunge, school-yard punk and hippie chic with high fashion, Karl Lagerfeld transformed the Chanel classics into on-trend staples, such as their tie dye chained backpack below.

Chanel SS14 Backpack

That being said, as much as I would love to DIY a backpack for myself, my latest mantra has been to downsize and limit my (already limited) wardrobe space to the essentials. Sorry tie-dye backpack – just not essential enough! However, I absolutely love the woven chain detailing, the hodge-podge thrown-togetherness of the accessories that so remind me of my ’90s school days. And seeing as how my latest trusty keychain had slightly fallen apart after so many faithful years of service, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to fashion myself a new keychain inspired by the grungy-chicness of Chanel.

DIY Chanel Keychain

What you need:

  • Carabiner clasp
  • Mixed cords
  • Mixed embroidery thread
  • 2-3 Jump rings
  • Crystal or Pom Poms or Small crochet dolls
  • Scissors
  • Super glue

DIY Chanel Keychain what you need


  1. Thread the crystal (or pom poms etc) and knot onto a jump ring. Secure knot with a drop of super glue.
    DIY Chanel Keychain_crystal
  2. Lay the mixed cords and threads together and thread through a jump ring. Braid the cords and threads until it forms a long thick braid. Secure knot with a drop of super glue.
    DIY Chanel Keychain Braid
  3. Take a thread and wrap over a corner of the carabiner clasp. Secure knot with a drop of super glue.
    DIY Chanel Keychain Carabiner
  4. Place the crystal and braid onto the carabiner and attach your keys to the spare jump ring.

DIY Chanel Keychain tutorialThis keychain is really easy to make and really easy to personalize – it’s as versatile as you can get! Whether you’re feeling generous or feeling selfish, this little accessory can brighten up your bag or make a great gift for a friend…and all inspired by super chic Chanel! I love it!


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