DIY Balmain-inspired PVC Cuff

Accessorizing the catwalk at Balmain’s SS14 show were these stunning PVC chained belts. Bold, bright and beautiful; these belts bring back the fabulous 80s and I can’t resist taking inspiration for a little DIY project of my own.

Balmain SS14 Belt

Balmain SS14 PVC Belt – image from

I don’t tend to wear a lot of belts, so I decided to downsize slightly and make an eye-catching PVC chained cuff instead. This project can be time-consuming as it involves a lot of repetitive hand-stitching, if you just put on an episode of something; the time will fly by and you’ll be done before you know it!

DIY Balmain PVC Cuff

What you need:

  • PVC – cut into a thick rectangle that measures around your wrist.
  • Black thread
  • Bronze chain
  • Thick gold chain
  • Thin black ribbon
  • Sharp & thick sewing needle
  • Leather hole puncher
  • Scissors

Balmain PVC Cuff Material


  1. Using the leather hole puncher, punch 6 sets of holes on either end of the PVC.
  2. Thread the black ribbon through the bottom pair of holes on one side of the PVC.
    Balmain PVC Cuff_1
  3. Using the needle and black thread, begin to sew the chain to the edge of the PVC. Secure at the end with a knot.
    Balmain PVC Cuff_2
  4. Repeat with the other side.
    Balmain PVC Cuff_3
  5. Using the needle and black thread, loosely attach the gold chain to the middle of the PVC, by stitching either end of the chain to the cuff.
    Balmain PVC Cuff_4

This eye-catching cuff perfectly compliments black lace and contrasts beautifully against bright Spring colours. A great stand-alone piece that channels the flashy fun of (one of my favourite brands) Balmain’s SS14 look without having to steady yourself for the inevitable price tag!

DIY Balmain inspired PVC Cuff tutorial


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