DIY Easter Eggs feature

DIY Easter Eggs

For those of you with little ones running around this Easter weekend, you might fancy organising a little DIY session followed by an Easter Egg Hunt with the kids! If you also happen to be a big kid like me, then this DIY will be right up your street! These decorating ideas take standard Easter eggs from ordinary to “eggcellent”!

DIY Easter Egg

What you need:

  • Blown out hollow eggs – to do this you must thoroughly clean the outside of the eggs with washing liquid, punch a hole in the top and bottom using a sharp pointed awl, then blow the insides out into a separate bowl. Rinse and leave to dry.
  • Permanent Markers
  • Glitter Nail Polish
  • Contact Adhesive
  • Feathers
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Sequins
  • Spray Paint – always spray in a well ventilated area over newspaper

DIY Easter Eggs

  • White on Eggshell

DIY White Patterned Easter EggSimply use a white permanent marker to draw designs on the egg shell. Simple, chic, elegant and earthy.

  • Glitter

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs

Using the glitter nail polish, paint 2-3 layers on the shell and leave to dry. A handheld disco ball – perfect for the drama queens.

  • Rainbow Threading

DIY Rainbow Easter Eggs

Using the contact adhesive, wrap and glue the rainbow embroidery thread around the shell, be careful not to crack the surface. Leave to dry. This is an egg that is straight out of Rainbow Brite’s dreams.

  • Birds of a Feather

DIY Feather Easter Egg

What better way to pay tribute to the hen that laid the egg than by decorating it with feathers. Quirky and fun, I opted for a tri-coloured egg.

  • Striped Dye

DIY Dyed Easter Egg

Wrap some string around the middle of the egg in a relatively haphazard way, then using the spray paint, spray the colour evenly over the egg. Leave to dry. Simple yet eye-catching!

DIY Easter Eggs tutorial

Chocolate, hot cross buns, long weekend and (fingers crossed) gorgeous sunny days – Easter weekend is filled with plenty of indulgence and fun. These DIY eggs are sure to add to the themed festivities and whether making them, hiding them for little hands to find or hunting for them – they are guaranteed to bring smiles to many!

Happy Easter everyone.


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