Glitter Shells

DIY Glitter Shells

Loving the nautical theme but want to make it a bit funkier? I have the perfect DIY for you – it’s crazy easy and really eye-catching. I love collecting shells; whenever I’m on holiday somewhere beachy I tend to pick up either beach pebbles or shells as little keepsakes. If you recall, I previously DIYed “Inspiration Pebbles” and they’re sitting pretty in my bathroom, however, this time I wanted to add some fun to my shell collection to decided to bling-ify them. Using (what else) trusty nail polish and glitter!

DIY Glitter Shells 1

What you need:

  • Shells
  • Your favourite nail polish colour(s) – you can use glitter nail polish on top of the colour
  • Glitter

DIY Glitter Shells


  1. Lay out a sheet of newspaper on a flat surface. Wipe the shells clean with a damp cloth.
  2. Start painting a couple of coats of nail polish on the shell surface. If you’re using glitter nail polish then just leave to dry.
  3. If you’re using glitter; work while the polish is still wet – evenly sprinkle the glitter on the shell surface and leave to dry.
  4. Once dry, shake the excess glitter off the shell. You can then paint a coat of clear polish over the glitter to prevent getting it everywhere.

DIY Glitter Shell detail

I stuck with ocean-themed colours but you can go as wild with the colours as you want. This simple DIY upstyle can turn drab and bland into bold and blingin’ so why not have a go yourself!

Happy DIYing!

 xoxo   V.


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