DIY Jewelled Necklace

DIY Jewelled Necklace

It’s no surprise to anyone who is a reader of my blog or follower on facebook that I love my jewels. Staying true to the magpie that I am, I seem to have an inexhaustable lust for all things sparkly and this DIY necklace is an elegant yet contemporary way to pile on the bling!

What you need:

DIY Jewel Necklace materials

  • PVC Plastic sheet – cut into small circles
  • Mix of flat-based “crystal” embellishements
  • Jump rings
  • Chain
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Contact Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Bradawl (or sharp & thick needle)


  1.  Start by drawing and cutting out circles from the PVC plastic, these will form the base for the crystal embellishments so cut as many circles as you have crystals. You’ll need to make sure the circles are slightly larger than the crystals (there should be a couple mm space around the crystals).DIY Jewel Necklace PVC
  2. Using contact adhesive, glue each crystal onto a plastic circle. Leave to dry.DIY Jewel Necklace glue
  3. Using the bradawl (or needle), poke 2 opposing holes into each plastic circle, on either side of a crystal.
  4. Link the circles together by attaching a jump ring between the holes.DIY Jewel Necklace attached
  5. Once all the circles have been attached to create a chain of crystals, link the lobster clasp to one end using a jump ring. Link the chain to the other end using a jump ring.

DIY Jewel Necklace

You can easily make your necklace double layered like I did by simply making two chains of crystals and poking an extra hole into the ends of the chains and attaching them together with jump rings. You could also replicate this DIY as a simple bracelet or even a statement cuff (attaching multiple lengths of crystals together!) This DIY can be a bit time consuming as firstly you’ll need to wait for the glue to dry completely before poking holes and secondly, attaching the jump rings can get a bit fiddly. But it’s definitely worth the effort in my opinion! This necklace is like a DIY cheat’s version of bulgari but with a quirky edge!

DIY Jewel Necklace

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.


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