Patterned Cover

DIY Patterned Phone Cover

Everywhere I look I see “tech-sessories” – every brand has their own line of phone covers, laptop bags, tablet cases. I am loving this – any excuse to further accessorize and I am there! That being said, I love taking inspiration and making something truly “my own” so how could I possibly resist creating my own phone cover?!
My personal style probably errs a bit on the boho side so anything a bit tribal/aztec/ikat and I am all over that like white on rice so it’s no surprise what the inspiration for this DIY pattern is…

DIY iphone cover2

What you need:

DIY Phone Case Materials

  • Clear phone cover (could work on a white cover too)
  • Permanent Marker pens

How to:

  1. Wipe the phone cover to get rid of any dirt, marks or fluff.
  2. Start drawing! Mix it up with block lines, zig-zags, dots, stripes, chevrons, circles – the more random the better! If you’re using a clear cover you can draw on either side and it’ll show up (obviously not so with the white cover).

DIY Phone Cover

This kind of DIY project was perfect for a stop-motion tutorial video. I absolutely love how it turned out, have a look for yourself:

How would you DIY your phone cover?

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.


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