DIY Embellished Flats

Why be demure when you can embellish your shoes with bows, studs, bling, spikes and in this case beads! DIYing these shoes was a bit of a Cinderella moment – transforming them from standard to spectacular. This DIY works as both a refashioning (getting bored of those trusty shoes?) or as a way of personalizing (and blingifying) a new pair.

Zalora DIY Shoes 2

What you need:

  • Pair of Flats (I bought mine from Zalora)
  • Flat-base Colour/Textured Stones
  • Flat-base gold studs
  • Contact Adhesive

Zalora DIY Shoes 1

How to:

  1.  Wipe the surface of the shoes with a dry cloth to remove any fluff and/or dirt.
  2.  Decide first, how you’re going to glue the stones (trust me, this will avoid any last minute fiddling disasters).
  3. Using the contact adhesive, glue the stones and studs to the surface of the shoe.
  4. Leave to dry.

Zalora DIY 3

If you’re looking for affordable fashion staples you can refashion and DIY like these flats, then you’ll want to check out Zalora. This e-commerce site has plenty of pieces that make great “canvases” for DIY projects without breaking the bank. From purchasing click to front door delivery,Zalora is a reliable online shopping source that I’ll be using a lot more of in the future.

Happy DIYing!

xoxo V.


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