“Glamming it” – Introducing the GlamPact

Introducing my new best friend – the Glam Pact from fab new shop Glam It! An all in one, all you need makeup compact – containing CC pressed powder (perfect for maintaining that matte look), blush, bronzer, highlighter, eye shadows, lipsticks, mini makeup brushes and a mirror lined with LED lights (did I also mention – the lights are rechargeable via USB!!) – phew! But I tell you what – it’s portable and surprisingly light considering all it carries! The GlamPact is not just a handy makeup kit for the girl on the go but includes “clinical ingredients and botanical extracts” that can help improve the overall quality of your appearance.

GlamPact Makeup Kit

From a DIYing point of view – the GlamPact is like a blank canvas for personalization. So, I decided to truly “glam” up my GlamPact using Swarovski Crystals.

Glam Pact DIY

Don’t feel like you’re limited – using contact adhesive you can add studs, lace, crystals, pearls, rhinestones…once you’ve got girl’s best friend, why not truly make it your new best friend! So, congrats Glam It! on the launch of the GlamPact – ladies, don’t hesitate, order your own GlamPacts here!

GlamPact DIY Crystals

Happy DIYing!

x0xo   V.


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