DIY Neon Cord Bracelet

Neon Cord Bracelets

I had a bunch of leftover neon cord after DIYing this Twisted Cord Necklace  but each length wasn’t quite long enough to make a new necklace so I was fretting a little bit (I tend to be a bit of a hoarder especially when it comes to DIYable materials – you never know when you might need it!) But after a bit of scrummaging I found these skull charm beads that I had completely forgotten about…

Neon Cord Bracelet Materials

Instant arm-candy! All I needed to do was thread the beads onto each length of cord, seal the ends of the cord with a lighter, attach the silver ends and hook on the lobster clasp and jump rings.

Neon Cord Bracelet

The neon is perfect for summer and adds a pop of colour against the largely gold and silver arm bling I stack onto my wrists. This would work really well with wooden or “stone” beads too…watch this space!

Neon Cord Bracelet Finished

Happy DIYing

xoxo   V.


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