Cambridge Weight Plan

In a bid to give myself a bit of a health kick this summer (because what else do we girls do for the summer months?! Gotta get that “bikini bod”!) I’m undertaking the Cambridge Weight Plan Diet. This isn’t the first time I’ve done it – I had a go at the end of summer last year and found it really useful – I lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks!

Cambridge Weight Plan Group

The way the Cambridge Weight Plan works is different from other diets such as juice cleanses or the Dukan Diet – it provides “meal replacements” in the form of a porridge, a shake and  a soup. The “Quick Fix Plan” allows you to dictate the order in which you eat the sachets as long as you have one of each alongside one small healthy meal a day. For example, I begin with a porridge, have a salad for lunch, a shake in the afternoon and then soup for dinner.

Cambridge Weight Plan Porridge Sachet

There’s a variety of porridge flavours – Original, Apple & Cinnamon and Maple Pecan (personally I really don’t like porridge so can only seem to manage the Apple & Cinnamon). Shakes – Banana, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Chocolate-Mint, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mango (and many more; with lactose-free varieties too) and Soups – Mushroom, Spicy Tomato, Chicken & Mushroom, Oriental Chilli, Potato & Leek (plus more, also with lactose-free varieties too!)

Cambridge Weight Plan Shakes Sachets

The reasons I enjoy doing the Cambridge Weight Plan are; firstly, the results are definitely visible, secondly, it doesn’t really cultivate a “guilty” relationship with food – you’re allowed “cheat days”, which brings me onto; thirdly, it’s not only about shedding the pounds but about making healthy food choices that can be continued after finishing the Quick Fix Plan. That being said, the no booze policy is probably the most difficult aspect of the weight plan; especially for this girl who enjoys a glass of vino in the evenings.

Cambridge Weight Plan Soup Sachets

I’m going to be posting plenty of healthy recipes in the coming weeks (and hopefully beyond) that are also delicious and easy to whip up, that are in line with this particular diet and (I hope) will help give you healthy foodspiration!

Happy eating!

xoxo   V.

For more information about The Cambridge Weight Plan in Hong Kong visit their website:


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