Twisted Cord Necklace

Twisted Neon Cord Necklace

I like to mix different textures when I DIY and this cord necklace is no different – bright and playful neon cords mixed with strong gunmetal chains: this necklace makes a statement.

Twisted Cord Necklace Materials

Starting with 3-4 different coloured cords; knot some cords and keep others straight. The cords should simply make up the “statement” portion of the necklace, not the entirety. I linked two cords and a length of chain to a thicker gunmetal chain to begin with. Following this, twist the two remaining cords together and wrap it around the existing cords and chain.

Twisted Cord Necklace Finished

This geometric necklace is especially eye-catching when paired with my summer staples such as a maxi dress or over a loose denim shirt. Bright enough without being too distracting, this cord necklace is quickly becoming one of my faves.

Twisted Cord Necklace Closeup

Happy DIYing!

x0x0  V.


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