Jewelled Box Clutch

DIY Jewelled Box Clutch

No longer simply a vessel within which to carry our necessities; the clutch is as much a fashion statement as clothing and jewellery! Jewels aren’t necessarily limited to our wrists, necks and fingers anymore – they’ve taken over bags, shoes, phone cases…and I am loving it! Where once I had the piss taken out of me for “bedazzling” my phone with Swarovski crystals, now, I am bejeweling the hell out of my accessories with pride!

DIY Jewelled Box Clutch

I love making out of perspex clutches; they’re a fantastic “blank canvas” that can literally be made into anything. In this instance, this clutch is an extension of my bling and is totally fierce! If you can’t find a perspex box with hinges, you can easily follow a previous box clutch tutorial I’d posted before.

DIY Jewelled Box Clutch Interior

Using contact adhesive, glue a mix of flat-based pearls, rhinestones and faux crystals all over the perspex box. Make sure to use a mix sizes and shapes so that you can be sure to cover the entirety of the box. Leave to dry, then flash it around town and prepare to be fabulous!

DIY Jewelled Box Clutch Finished

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.


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