Sugar Skull Necklace

DIY Sugar Skull Chain

It won’t come as a surprise to many people when I say that I love skulls! I’ve incorporated them in so many accessories and I even had a sugar skull “day of the dead” costume for halloween last year. I also love layering my accessories, usually it’s stacking up the arm party but today’s DIY is about stacking the neck-swag.

DIY Sugar Skull Chain Materials

Using fishing wire to thread three individual strands of beads, I alternated lengths of chain with the beads. The skull beads are big and eye-catching enough, an entire necklace threaded with them would be overkill. You can obviously use different types of beads if you’re not quite as obsessed with skulls as I am. I wanted to sure there was plenty of colour in this DIY, it’s the start of summer after all!

DIY Sugar Skulls Chain

Layering this necklace with other dainty gold chains, perhaps some spikes here and there, will create a really nice effect. As I always say “more is better!”

Happy DIYing!

xoxo    V.


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