Embellished Clutch

DIY Embellished Clutch

Embellishing is one of the easiest DIYs you can do. Honestly, it’s not that time consuming nor that difficult and you can still express your creativity and personal style. There definitely seems to be the trend of “more is better” at the moment which I am totally on board with and this has expanded beyond just jewellery to include that of our most coveted accessories – the clutch.

DIY Embellished Clutch materials

Jasmine of Dress Me Blog wrote an article about bejewelled clutches and I just knew I had to DIY one of my own. Whilst I usually follow a simple rectangular clutch sewing pattern, I thought it much more fun to take an existing (cheap as chips) bag and upstyle it into spikey, shiney, glittery goodness. Would you believe that the “bag” in question is actually a HK$5 metallic leather pencil case!?

DIY Embellished Clutch materials closeup

I can’t seem to get enough of spikes and studs so why fight it? I blinged this baby up with plenty of spikes, studs, neon stones and rhinestones. All you need is contact adhesive and a steady hand – the only thing that takes time is waiting for the glue to dry.

DIY Embellished Clutch finished project

This DIY is ridiculously easy, unbelievably affordable and the icing on the cake – you get your own bejewelled beauty at the end of it! Go all out – use spikes, studs, stones, pom-poms, chains, rhinestones, sequins, feathers, tassels…the possibilities really are endless.

DIY Embellished Clutch finished project closeup

Happy DIYing!

xoxo V.


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