Refashioned Spike Bracelet

DIY Refashioned Spike Bracelet Trick

Whilst I love making costume jewellery; I don’t love the inevitable wear and tear. Unfortunately, pieces get discoloured and/or scratched and sometimes it’s beyond repair….or so I thought! Turns out, there is an incredibly simple and affordable DIY trick that might just help you save your cheaper trinkets. Nail polish comes to the rescue again!

DIY Refashioning Trick

I made this Silver Spike Bracelet over a year ago and because I pretty much wore it every single day, the silver was so scratched, it was almost completely gone on certain spikes. Not to worry, I laid down a sheet of paper and painted two coats of my current fave dark silver polish on the spikes. Left to dry and hey presto, the bracelet is as good as new.

DIY Bracelet Refashioning Trick

The brilliant thing about this trick is that I can change the colour whenever I want! Talk about versatility!

Refashioned Spike Bracelet after

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.

**For those that don’t want to have to re-paint their jewellery and didn’t know this trick already – paint your new costume jewellery with clear nail polish and the colouring will last longer.


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