Seared Tuna Taco

Homemade Seared Tuna Tacos

So the Mexican food trend is still going strong here in Hong Kong and personally I really love this type of cuisine. Now, I’m not talking about the terrible “stereotypical” Mexican cuisine that many fast food joints have ruined, I’m talking about using fresh and delicious ingredients that gives us clean flavours, vibrant colours and seriously yummy food.

Homemade seared tuna taco

Tuna in my opinion is best when it’s seared (to be honest I love everything raw/rare – beef, fish, veggies) and the beauty is that when tuna is this fresh you don’t need all the bells and whistles – just a sprinkling of sea salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Sear the tuna on each side till the middle is still pink but warmed through. Serve with warmed tortillas, mashed avocado with a squeeze of lime juice mixed in, sliced red onions, sliced red cabbage and coriander leaves. And there you have it, (in my opinion) an absolutely perfect taco!

Seared tuna taco closeup

I served the tacos up with some grilled sweet corn and black beans. Again, no need for an onslaught of sauces or spices – just a pinch of salt, pepper and cayenne is all you need! To make the beans, simmer chopped red onions, minced garlic and beans with the spices.

Grilled Corn & Black Beans

Happy cooking!

xoxo V.


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