Valentino Camo clutch

Valentino-inspired Studded Camo Clutch

So camo prints are e-very-where at the moment! The revived military trend from F/W12 hasn’t quite left us yet (personally I’m loving it so won’t be downgrading it to the back of the closet anytime soon). I really love camo print, even if you’re not a print fan, the military trend colour scheme is really complimenting whatever your skin tone or colouring. Khaki, black, gold, beige, tope, brown, white – pretty much listed my absolute fave colours right there, work on everyone! Some people are still a little intimidated by prints though, and I can relate. I’m not exactly a size zero myself so it can be risky for me to wear prints but as per usual, I’ve found a fabulous accessories-related soloution! Ahhh accessories, my best friends!


I really love what Valentino’s done with their camo-print accessories- their camo trainers and cutout flats are on my wish list, an easier DIY replica however, was their camo clutch. Complete with studs; this thing spoke to me like the Ring to Gollum….my preeeecciioouuss I simply had to make my own!

20130409-194117.jpgImage courtesy of The Fashionistyle

Following a simple clutch “pattern” I’ve used before, such as my “Two Toned Pleather Clutch”, I made the clutch slightly longer vertically so as to let it fold over the top. Using tailor’s chalk and a ruler, I marked the lines along which I was going to stud the bag. I didn’t go too crazy (it took a lot of strength) and patiently hand studded the fabric. Studs nowadays are awesome – four sharp prongs at the back, these babies can stud anything (awesome for upstyling a pair of shorts or shirt collar)!


Next idea, a fully studded bag….honestly it’s going to be more stud than fabric!

Happy DIYing!

xoxo V.


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