Gorman Necklace

Gorman-inspired Necklace

I totally fell in love with Aussie brand Gorman when I was in Australia, I love their use of prints, vintage and tribal influences – it’s colourful and playful, what’s not to love!? This particular necklace is perfect for Spring/Summer with its use of big contrasting brightly coloured beads.


If you double up the fishing wire for the initial portion and then split the wire into two: that’ll create the double layer at the bottom. Whilst I wouldn’t normally be one to wear very colourful pieces of jewellery (I tend to be more of a goldaholic), I really love the contrasting mix of hot pink and lime green beads.


With Summer around the corner (fingers crossed) I can for-see using this necklace quite a lot. Paired with a beige maxi dress or white blouse and pattern shorts; this necklace will certainly be making a colourful splash this S/S season!

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.


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