pendant stacking

Pendant Stacking

I remember when I was in boarding school, there seemed to be an obsession with stacking as many different pendants onto one chain as was possible, without the chain giving way obviously. These pendants were a complete hodge-podge: some had sentimental value, some had genuine monetary value and others were just high-street’s finest (or maybe its worst…?). It seemed that we no longer had to choose which necklace to wear – we could just wear them all on one chain (why it didn’t occur to us to layer multiple chains is beyond me). So, as a nod to those good old days, today’s DIY focuses on stacking pendants (although I didn’t go as crazy with the pendants this time as in boarding school)


Obviously when it comes to stacking; you can add as many as you like which is what I intend to do with this particular necklace. Small but can still make a statement!


Happy DIYing!

xoxo    V.


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