ombre earrings

Refashioned Ombre Earrings

Ever since coming across that awesome refashioning trick of using nail polish on rhinestones, I might’ve gone a little OTT…I just love that I can “create” new jewellery then when I’m bored of it, wipe it off (with nail polish remover obviously) and start again! It’s like getting infinite uses out of one piece of jewellery, and what’s not to love about that!? Eco-friendly and penny-pinching: I love it!


Today’s refashioning is a little different from the neon painted Rhinestone Necklace Upstyling I did in a previous post. I was tempted to make these super ostentatious but instead decided to take inspiration from the ombre trend that was so popular throughout last year (even if it’s “over”, I still love it). As easy as it was to upstyle that Rhinestone Necklace; these earrings were a piece of cake!


I used three different shades of blue but mixed the powder blue (China Glaze) with the cobalt blue (Revlon) to create another shade. This shade helped soften the transition from powder to cobalt so it didn’t look too obvious on the earrings themselves.


Now refashioned; these rhinestone earrings are still eye-catching without being gaudy. Dressed up or down they’re a great addition to my Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.


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