Jewellery Holder

DIY Jewellery Holder

Love this – I saw quite a few previous DIYs on Pinterest for what is probably one of the easiest projects I’ve ever taken on. Seriously, all you need is a plate an egg cup/sake cup and contact adhesive!


I was walking past a crockery shop in North Point that was stacked (quite literally) to the ceiling with dinner plates, bowls, serving platters, butter dishes, mugs, glasses, teapots…basically any kind of crockery/pottery/porcelain/ceramic you can think of. Honestly I’ve never felt more like a potential “bull in a China shop” and had it meant quite so literally! I was squeezing myself along the aisles, pressing my bag as close to my body as possible – making sure there was a free-space radius of at least a foot around me. I can’t stress how scared I was of creating a domino-effect of smashed plates!


Anyway, luckily I got in and out of the shop with no damage (to myself or the shop) and even managed to leave with a beautiful blue Chinese-style ceramic plate and an egg cup – all for HK$17! Bargain!


To make this simple yet beautiful jewellery dish, all I did was glue the top of the egg cup to the bottom of the plate. There! That’s it! How could you not be making one of these for yourselves right now?!


Happy DIYing!

xoxo V.


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