DIY Swarovski Bracelet

Crystal Arm-Candy

As if I need an excuse to add to my ever-growing collection of bracelets…but here we go! I’m really loving crystals at the moment, especially big stones so it’s no surprise that I’ve fashioned a couple of big crystal chains to adorn my wrists. I really love this DIY, it’s super easy, can be easily replicated and really doesn’t take too long to make.


Make sure the crystals have a flat base and if you’re using a solid stone like the white one I’ve used, be sure that it already has holes on either side for you to link the jump rings on. I really love stacking gold jewellery, to the extent that I’ve been asked many a time (quite sarcastically) whether I have “enough jewellery” on…the obvious answer being…uhh no! Never!


Elegant but seriously blingin’ and a great addition to any arm-party!

Happy DIYing!

xoxo V.


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