Sydney Fix St James

Sydney Foodie Diary – Fix St James

This’ll be the last of my Aussie foodie diary posts. It certainly was a delicious trip and I’m so pleased to have been able to share some of my favourites with you here. Hopefully if and when you find yourselves in Australia, you’ll get a chance to sample some of my faves and in turn share some of yours!

Fix St James
111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney (next to the David Jones)

Part wine bar part restaurant, I visited this Sydney eatery almost completely by chance, and boy, was I glad we did! Boasting an ever changing wine menu featuring over 200 different wines at any given time, Fix St James certainly know how to keep their patrons covered. You can order wine by the half glass, glass, flask (yep, it actually comes in a proper lab flask!) and bottle; choose from bubbles (comes in white and red) to rosé; rieslings to pinot noirs; chianti to sauterne and everything in between – whatever you can think of, they probably have it in some shape or form. Ever heard of orange wine? Nope me neither, until I came to Fix St James (that being said, after trying a half glass of the Dinavolino, well let’s just say it wasn’t to my taste…) Even if you’re not a vino-drinker, they have beers, ciders, cocktails, digestifs: so trust me when I say, these guys got you covered! Now, this being a “foodie diary” post, I must inevitably talk about the food.


Delicious! Fix St James may consider itself a wine bar that serves food but Oh Dear Lord the food is good! We started off with a couple of Sydney Rock Oysters each to whet our appetite. These small morsels were served on a bed of rock salt with only a wedge of lemon to squirt on top – so fresh, the less interference from other flavours the better! The oysters were creamy with a slightly briny, metallic hint at the end – the perfect start to the evening (definitely more so than the orange wine…it really wasn’t great…but you should make that decision for yourselves…I digress…)


Bone marrow was on the menu. I love many different dishes from many different worldwide cuisines but I’ve got to be honest; there are a number of things that, if I see them on a menu; I barely look at what else is on offer, I know that’s what I’m going to have…and bone marrow is one of these favourites. To say it’s a favourite is probably not even doing it enough justice – it’s like crack to me…forget “foodporn”….this is my “foodcrack”! Roasted Bone Marrow served with Parsley Salad and Duck Fat Toast. Just writing those words there made me salivate! Rich, fatty and totally indulgent! That being said, I found the duck fat toast was just a bit too rich – the bone marrow is rich enough that you really don’t need fried bread on which to slather it! Additionally, the parsley salad was fresh and delicious but I perhaps would’ve preferred a bit more of an acidic vinaigrette to cut the richness.


As if the bone marrow wasn’t enough on the “rich food-richter scale”; I then ordered Steak Tartare for my main. Yup, it was a Friday night and I could not care less! Totally worth it! The good thing about steak tartare is that because it’s so rich, you’re not getting a big dish brimming with food, with all the bells and whistles. Simple, beautifully presented and absolutely delicious. The raw egg on top was not only aesthetically pleasing but had a really lovely organic flavour to it that (unfortunately) you just don’t get from eggs in HK. The steak tartare itself was made up of large chunks of beef, but it wasn’t fatty nor sinewy – it was basically like getting sashimi-grade beef: smooth and rich!


I feel like I should at least say something about what wine we ended up choosing. After spending a good 10 minutes going through the winelist (ahem, book!) and realising we really didn’t recognise many wines, it was left to our sommelier to help us make a decision. After describing the types of wine we usually enjoy and then ordering our mains; we were each advised to try two different wines that were supposed to best compliment our dishes (the boy had lamb). I had a glass of Dappled “Craigie Road Vineyard” Pinot Noir (from Mornington, VIC) and the boyfriend had a glass of William Hunt “Light Pas Vineyard” Mouverdre (from Barossa, SA). Both were fantastic vinos and were certainly well suited to our dishes but I’ve got to say, that Mouverdre was outstanding! So much so that we ended up ordering a flask after dinner finished, that we very happily enjoyed whilst sitting outside.

So, thanks Fix St James for a thoroughly enjoyable evening and a bit of a crash course in some lesser known wines. Can’t wait to come back next time to learn and try even more!

xoxo   V.


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