Sydney Bils

Sydney Foodie Diary – Bills

433 Liverpool St Darlinghurst, Sydney

A real Sydney foodie institute, this one is an oldie but a goodie! I first went to the Bills in Woollhara back in 2007 during my gap year and it was a culinary oasis in an ocean of penny-pinching bleakness. So fondly do I recall the deliciousness at Bills that it was pretty much number 1 on my list of things to do while I was in Sydney. “Posh brunch for ladies who lunch” is how I’ve heard Bills described and yes it is going to cost a bit more than your standard breakfast meal, but what you’re getting is truly wonderful! The branch in Woolhara had a lovely outdoor seating area and is considerably bigger than the Darlinghurst chain, but I enjoyed exploring Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and Surry Hills after being so well fed so depending on what you’re looking for, both chains are consistently dishing up great grub!


The food at Bills is simply awesome. That being said, my absolute favourite is the scrambled organic eggs. Eggs: so creamy and moorish that you’d almost think they’re entirely made up of butter! They are cooked gently so that what arrives on your plate isn’t so much the usual big crumbs of fluffy egg, rather a mass of ooey-gooey eggy goodness. I know that it’s not the healthiest dish on the planet but it is difficult to have eggs done any other way once you’ve had them done Bill’s way! Served with optional add-ons (bacon, sausages, avocado, roasted tomatoes etc), I’ve always loved cured ocean trout – a bit saltier and oilier than smoked salmon, it’s a perfect compliment to the creamy eggs. The sourdough toast with a slab of butter melting in between is pure perfection – seriously the dishes here are as much art as they are delicious food. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the day in Sydney!


xoxo V.


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