refashioned rhinestone necklace

Rhinestone Necklace Upstyling

Here in Hong Kong it’s not a rare thing to see some pretty gaudy accessories for sale. I’m talking rhinestones, feathers, fur, pleather, spikes – all at the same time! Now, I’m a fan of bling and statement jewellery but sometimes I find myself not really loving heaps of bright shiny rhinestones. Now, diamonds are another matter but those big chandelier-style rhinestone necklaces can look a bit tacky. The dilemma is, I sometimes come across beautiful designs that I’d be more than happy to wear, were it not for the blinding nature of the stones. Luckily for me, I’ve found a fabulous solution that is cheap, simple and can be easily replicated…nail polish! Yes that’s right, some simple nail varnish can transform your rhinestones from tacky to trendy.


I’m sure this isn’t a “new thing” to many of you DIY enthusiasts out there and for those who haven’t heard of this neat little trick, it’s so unbelievably easy I really don’t need to write out an entire tutorial. Basically, all you need is a big, fabulously gaudy rhinestone necklace (I’m serious, the more ostentatious the better!) and your favourite nail polish colours! I really love black as a base colour, that way neons and other bright colours will show up really well against a darker shade. “Splish, splash” – treat this like a Jackson Pollock painting, be as random as you can with the colours. The more “chaotic” the better!


Happy DIYing!

xoxo V.


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