Baroque Bangle

Baroque Bangle

I really love vintage inspired fabrics, ribbons and patterns. The gilded Baroque trend managed to keep a tight hold on my heart-seriously, from short-suits to clutch bags, I’ve got it all. I adore finding intricate patterns with subtle hints of gold slithering through the weave; I am after all a total magpie and will pretty much indulge in anything with gold. This thick Baroque bangle is quite a statement piece of jewellery so it wouldn’t necessarily need be stacked with a bundle of other trinkets to form an “arm party“, but because it is so eye-catching, you won’t feel like you need any extras.


I was drawn to this ribbon immediately (which is certainly saying something because “Flying Dragon” ribbon shop on Yu Chau St, Sham Shui Po is a mecca for ribbon lovers), the contrast in the weave of turquoise, forest green and gold was gorgeously striking. But in true “All Things Indulgent” style, simply using the elegant ribbon was not enough. I needed more bling. Crystals – so simple, yet so effective! That is all I need to say when it comes to what makes the ideal embellishment.


Using contact adhesive, glue one end of the ribbon to the underside of the bangle, then continue glueing and wrapping the ribbon around the bangle until it’s completely covered. Leave to dry and then glue the crystals to the ribbon, at random.


This style and colour scheme looks fantastic with light neutrals: beige, eggshell, taupe, white, slate-gray. And it can be dressed up or down, personally I love wearing this bangle with a pair of big gold chandelier earrings and a flowy maxi dress – the ideal day-to-night ensemble!

Happy DIYing!

xoxo V.


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