Refashioned Gold Collar

Gold Collar Refashioning

I love a good refashioning. I always have the best intentions to be environmentally aware so when I’m able to recycle and upstyle with fashion I’m quite proud of myself. Upcycling fashion can be as easy as finding new ways to wear that trusty old necklace (perhaps it can be wrapped on the wrist to add to the arm party!?) or altering a new neckline for that favourite t-shirt. This time round, it was as simple as coming across an absolute bargain and putting my own personal spin on it (something I can’t seem to help but do pretty regularly).


I was out and about with a girlfriend and ended up in Cotton On taking advantage of the bursting sales racks. Came across a striking, thick gold collar necklace and immediately wanted to further bling-ify it. At HK$10, it was an absolute steal, after all, when something is that price, how on earth am I supposed to not buy it!?


Yes the collar was beautiful on its own, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted drama, I wanted bling, I wanted in-your-face-fashion-statement! After raiding my DIY box (yes that’s right I have a DIY foldaway box) I found a handful of mixed rhinestones…perfect!


By simply using contact adhesive to glue the rhinestones to the collar, it created a much more dramatic look. It kind of reminds me of those teeny-tiny dogs with diamond encrusted collars toted around by the likes of Paris Hilton… this collar being the classier of the two obviously!


I went to a “Drag Queen Bingo” party last week in Melbourne and thought it only appropriate to adorn my neck with this “dog collar”. And darlings, it was fabulous!

Happy DIYing!

xoxo V.


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