Bulgari Clutch

Bulgari-inspired Bejewelled Clutch

I was wandering past a Bulgari store recently and couldn’t help but notice the fabulous embellished bags they had on display. The stunningly soft ostrich leather Doppio Tondo, adorned with ruby red jewels, beaded clutches that perfectly represent Baroque “arm swag” – both classic and contemporary, I totally fell in love! So in the spirit of all things ornamental, I thought I’d have a go at bejewelling too.


I myself actually sewed the basic clutch bag before bejewelling it but you can easily take an existing bag – maybe it’s a bit old and tattered, maybe it’s been overused and you want a fresh new look or maybe you simply don’t have a sewing machine (or can’t be bothered to sew!); either which way this DIY is so easy anyone can make it their own.


Once you have your basic leather bag all ready, all you need are a handful of plastic jewels (mine were beads from a haberdashery on Yu Chau St in Sham Shui Po, HK) and some contact adhesive. Yes you heard me correctly, this DIY only needs three “ingredients”. I mixed the colours of my jewels; I really wanted the sky blue ones to pop against the sand colour of the leather so I added some pale yellow, silver, black and copper jewels to the bunch. Again, I must re-iterate, this DIY is so easy you can totally customise it to suit your colour preference and style. Basically, you don’t have to follow me word for word! Anyway, use the contact adhesive to stick the jewels to the bag and leave to dry. Before long you’ll have a fabulous bit of arm swag to go with any outfit!


Happy DIYing!

xoxo  V.


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