D&G Sunglasses

D&G Inspired Sunnies

The 50s trend has been rife on the catwalks from A/W 2012 through to S/S 2013. Personally I am loving this trend, it’s so feminine, flattering to most body shapes and is just so retro cool. I’m always one to go all out if there’s a theme and recently this has been translating to my everyday wardrobe. I have quite an eclectic taste in fashion and my tastes aren’t limited to solely one era or theme; sometimes I’m in a particularly boho mood, other times I’m feeling more vintage. Either way, I love coming across DIY projects that can fit so perfectly within a trend.


These sunnies are awesome. Honest – I’m not hyperbolising: they are awesome. This particular DIY proves just how thrifty I can be and also, how effective refashioning can be. I picked up this pair of blah sunnies from a 2nd hand store, they’re Next, a little scuffed on the sides but cost me HK$10 so can’t complain really. That being said, because (as I said) they were kind of boring, I didn’t use them…at all! Seriously, they sat in a drawer gathering dust for a good 6 months.


When I saw the 50s-style flower-embellished sunnies for D&G A/W 2012, I immediately knew what to do with my $10 pair. Using contact adhesive and a couple of flower beads/embellishments, the sunglasses were transformed! They remind me of sunglasses that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Mad Men or (if it were still on the air) Pan Am. Elegant, retro and cool – all from a previously discarded pair of sunnies.

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.


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