McQueen Clutch

McQueen-inspired Box Clutch

So, I’ve made quite a few different box clutches: transforming perspex boxes into accessories, ah I love them! And now, I’ve made another addition that I just can’t get enough of. This DIY is the perfect combination of finger bling and total fabulousness, I love the Alexander Mcqueen knuckleduster clutches and this is my take on on an absolute favourite!


What you need:

  • 3 rings with flat bases
  • Flat rhinestone chain
  • 5 small skulls
  • Mix of crystals & rhinestones
  • Contact Adhesive


I don’t even feel like I need to write a full on tutorial for this DIY, it’s so unbelievably easy I couldn’t even believe it myself how well it turned out! Honestly, contact adhesive is definitely a DIYers best friend!
Stick the rings, flat base down to the top of the box, followed by the rhinestone chain and the small skulls. You can stick the mix of crystals and rhinestones at random on the front of the clutch. I chose the corner for a small bit of detailing but you can go as big and bold as you like!


Happy DIYing!

xoxo    V.


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