DIY Inspiration Pebbles

DIY Inspiration Pebbles

I always try to pick up a little momento to take home with me whenever I go traveling, now, I’m not talking about souvenirs like shot-glasses or postcards but rather my thing is pebbles. True, they’re probably not the lightest nor most convenient to transport but for some reason I love collecting small, smooth pebbles from around the world.


Once I bring them home, I want to make sure I remember where each pebble is from so, I simply use a permanent marker to write the place of origin and year on one side of each pebble. To make things a little more sentimental and “homey”, I like to write small inspirational quotes on the other sides of the pebbles. This is a lovely way to display the pebbles as not only will it remind me of my holidays, it’ll also give me an inspirational boost whenever I need it. Lovely.


Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.


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