Ice Necklace Refashioning

You may recall I wrote a DIY tutorial for an “Icicle-inspired Necklace” a while back. It was massive, totally fab, totally eye-catching and whilst I definitely got a lot of use out of it; I felt like it was time to do a little refashioning. I am a complete advocate for refashioning – it’s awesome, you can re-create something unique and beautiful using items you already own. You can be creative whilst pinching pennies and being environmentally friendly.


What you need:

  • Plastic “chandelier” beads – a mix of shapes & sizes.
  • Fishing wire
  • 2 clam shell bead tips
  • 2 medium jump rings
  • 2 lengths of ribbon
  • Scissors

How to:

  1. Cut a length of fishing wire. Tie a double knot in one end, slip the bead tip onto the wire and close it over the knot to secure.


  2. String the beads onto the fishing wire.


  3. Slip the other bead tip onto the other end of the wire, tie a double knot in the wire and close the bead tip over the knot to secure.
  4. Hook each jump ring on either bead tip.


  5. Thread one ribbon length through the jump ring. Once the jump ring is sitting in the middle of the ribbon, tie a secure knot.


  6. Repeat with the other ribbon length.
  7. Tie knots at the ends of the ribbon lengths.


This refashioned necklace just screams “winter wonderland” to me so it’s absolutely perfect for the holiday season! Pair it over a high necked dark jumper or with a party dress for the ideal Christmas outfit!


Happy Holidays!

xoxo   V.

Posted in: DIY

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