Button Wreath

Wow Christmas is only 15 days away and that time is going to fly by. I spent an evening last week decorating my Christmas tree, sipping mulled wine and singing along to the holiday tunes; blissful! Ah I love making the house all Christmassy and today’s DIY is a great decoration to have hanging around the house!


What you need:

  • 12 big light green buttons
  • 12 big dark green buttons
  • 12 small mint green buttons
  • 14″ thick jewellery wire
  • 8″ silver ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Pliers

How to:

  1. Form a loop in one end of the wire with the pliers.
  2. String the buttons onto the wire at random.


  3. Using the pliers, loop the open end of the wire through the first loop – this will form a wreath shape.
  4. Form a large loop at the top of the wreath and continue to wrap the wire around the loop to secure.


  5. Slip the ribbon through the large loop till the wreath sits in the middle. Tie a knot around the loop.
  6. Tie a bow in the top of the ribbon.


This ornament isn’t too flashy but I love its simplicity (and how easy it was to make)! It’s currently hanging on my bedroom door and I love getting that festive feeling every morning!


Happy Holidays!

xoxo   V.

Posted in: DIY

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