Triple Tassel Necklace

Who doesn’t love tassels?! They’re so playful and yet versatile at the same time – they can be dressed up or worn casually; they can be girly, boho-chic or exude goth-glamour. Plus, being so easy to DIY, these tassels could even be made into hanging garlands or special party bunting – perfect for the upcoming party season (I’m probably going to DIY some gold & silver and red & green holiday decorations to hang around the house myself – watch this space!).

What you need:

  • Embroidery Thread
  • 4 Big round Turkish-style beads
  • 40 small clear & gold beads
  • Fishing Wire
  • 2 Clam shell bead tips
  • 5 Jump Rings
  • 1 Toggle Clasp
  • Scissors
  • Pliers

How to:

  1. To make the tassels, check out my previous DIY Tassel Tutorial. These should be quite long – about 6 inches. Make 3 tassels.

  2. Measure out how long you want your necklace & cut the fishing wire an extra 2 inches longer.
  3. Thread a bead tip on one end and tie a double knot. Close the bead tip around the knot.

  4. Thread 20 small clear beads onto the fishing wire.

  5. Thread one big round bead onto the wire, followed by one tassel.
  6. Continue to alternate with the remaining tassels and round beads.

  7. Thread the remaining 20 clear beads onto the fishing wire.

  8. Thread the final bead tip onto the wire, tie a double knot & close the bead tip around the knot to secure the beading.
  9. Hook the two halves of the toggle clasp onto each end of the necklace using two jump rings.

There you go – it’s so easy, the only time-consuming element is making the tassels but once you’ve practiced a couple of times, you’ll be able to churn them out no problem. Ah I love big chunky tassels – I love them as earrings, necklaces and pretty soon, as home decor!

I really love this necklace because although it’s a big statement piece, the colour scheme is relatively neutral that it can be worn with anything. Tassels are not simply limited to girly boho maxi dresses. You can also layer them on top of a blouse, match them with a vintage rock tee and leather jacket or let them take centre stage on top of a LBD. The possibilities are endless so what are you waiting for? Tasselize yourself!

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.

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