Halloween Locket Necklace

Happy Halloween! Hope you’ve all got your costumes ready, pumpkins carved, decorations hung up and tummies ready for some serious sugar onslaught! In true obsession-style, I’ve decided to use one of my favourite days in the year as an inspiration for some truly mysterious but fabulous DIYing! It’s not a surprise to most of my readers that I am a “skull”, “spike”, “metal” obsessive. I love statement jewellery – the bigger the better! This piece is what I think of as “S&M”-chic…I just can’t get enough of these spikes! This DIY is so deceptively easy and can be so versatile; if skulls aren’t really your thing; you can use all manner of pendants and charms, plus these spikes come in all sorts of colours – from pastels to gunmetal: ready to suit any personal style!

What you need:

  • Four 3D Skull Pendants
  • 2 Flat skull pendants (these are a bit “voodoo”-esque to me…and I love them!)
  • 1 Gunmetal locket
  • 16 Long black spikes
  • 24 Medium gunmetal jump rings
  • 3 Small gunmetal jump rings
  • Wide & flat gunmetal chain
  • Medium silver chain – 5″ long
  • 1 Silver spring clasp
  • Pliers

How to:

  1. Measure out how long you want the flat gunmetal chain; ideally either end should finish at opposite sides of the base of your neck.
  2. Decide how you’re going to place out the pendants. I started by placing the locket in the middle of the chain, followed by 2 spikes, one 3D skull, 2 spikes, 1 flat skull, 2 spikes, one 3D skull and finally 2 spikes (there should be one link between every pendant and spike). Mirror on the other side of the locket.
  3. Connect every pendant to the chain using a medium jump ring.
  4. The 2 flat skull pendants and locket will need to be hooked onto a small jump ring before using the medium jump ring to connect it to the chain – this will ensure that it the pendant faces forward.

  5. Using the pliers, hook the toggle clasp onto the end of the flat chain.
  6. Fold the medium silver chain in half and using the pliers, open the middle link slightly and hook it onto the other end of the flat chain.
  7. Connect the two open ends of the silver chain together using a jump ring and hook the small ring of the spring clasp onto it.

I really love this necklace – I’m actually quite lucky I adore every DIY I make, funny how it works out that way isn’t it!? I’ve also always loved lockets, I always loved the idea that a locket can conceal inner thoughts, photos of clandestine lovers and secrets – they’re very personal, mysterious and quite often guarded. Obviously, knowing me, I wasn’t going to be making a simple locket chain – go big or go home! This necklace is perfect for this halloween but I can definitely see it becoming a staple in my autumn/winter wardrobe in the coming months! Fabulous!

Happy DIYing!…and Happy Halloween!

xoxo    V.

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