Pearl & Sparrow Necklace

Jewellery can be a true expression of your personality, mood and style. Sometimes I find it difficult to truly pinpoint what my “style” is – sometimes I’m in the mood for a big and chunky statement necklace; sometimes I fancy stacking dainty girly chains; other times I simply want to keep it nice and easy…so I opt for stacking arm candy. I love all looks – retro 70s style, vintage-inspired outfits, hippie-chic, biker-chic, androgynous-chic, 60s mod…honestly, my “style” changes as much as my moods. But lucky for me, that means I’m not limited – I love all sorts of jewellery, accessories, outfits to suit my many different personal styles which in turn means plenty of DIY opportunity and inspiration to be found just about anywhere.

I was feeling particularly girly the other day, especially after I found a mixed bag of different coloured pearl beads – they looked ethereal, antique and feminine, and that was just while they were in the bag! When I spotted this adorable “bird-sitting-on-a-branch” pendant I immediately knew what to do with it – it was just too cute for words!

What you need:

  • 56 pearl beads
  • Fishing wire
  • 4 clam shell bead tip
  • 3 medium gold jump rings
  • 3 small gold jump rings
  • Horizontal pendant
  • 1 gold lobster clasp
  • 6″ small gold chain – cut into two 3″ lengths
  • Scissors
  • Pliers

H0w to:

  1. Cut two 10″ lengths of fishing wire. Tie a triple knot in the end of one of the lengths, secure with a clam-shell bead tip. Repeat with the other length.
  2. Thread 28 pearls onto each length of fishing wire. Secure each end with the remaining two clam-shell bead tips.

  3. Hook one of pearl strands onto one of the medium jump rings, connect this jump ring to one end of the pendant.

  4. Hook the other pearl strand onto the other jump ring and connect it to the other end of the pendant.

  5. Hook one of the open ends of the pearl strands onto a small jump ring and connect that to one of the lengths of gold chain.
  6. Repeat with the other pearl strand and other length of gold chain.

  7. Hook the remaining medium jump ring onto one end of the gold chain.
  8. Hook the lobster clasp onto the other gold chain using the remaining small jump ring.

Most people probably wouldn’t consider this my usual style but I just love the vintage-inspired look and plus, it’s just so damn girly and freakin’ cute! I’ll for sure be stacking it with some other chains and necklaces so that it’s a bit more “my style” but even on it’s own, I just love love love this gorgeous piece!

Happy DIYing!

xoxo  V.


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