“Think Pink” Pendant

I’m sure most of you are aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – everywhere you can see pink, pink and more pink! I love it, the city turns wonderfully girly – The Peninsula Hotel is bathed in a pink light, most bars have special pink cocktails on offer and there are plenty of fundraisers going on during the month. Being pink for a good cause – as if I needed an excuse! So, in recognition of this meaningful annual event, I thought I’d do a special “Think Pink”-inspired DIY tutorial that (obviously) incorporates plenty of pink. It’s not over-the-top girly and still merges my love of edge with a particularly feminine colour scheme.

What you need:

  • Large round pendant
  • Large pink skull “bead”
  • Small pink crystals
  • Bronze chain (the colour of the chain should match the colour of the pendant)
  • Long headpin
  • 2 Medium jump rings
  • 1 Toggle Clasp
  • Pliers
  • Thin Tweezers
  • Super-Glue Adhesive

How to:

  1. Put down a scrap piece of paper and carefully glue individual crystals to equal points on the pendant. Each pendant will be a different size and shape so you can stick the crystals in whatever pattern you like. I personally used 16 crystals as I didn’t want the pendant to look too bling.

  2. Leave the crystals to dry.

  3. Slide the pink skull onto the headpin.

  4. Attach the top of the headpin to the bottom of the pendant using the pliers.

  5. Using the pliers, slightly open the middle link on the necklace chain and slide the pendant onto the link. Close and secure with the pliers.

  6. Attach one half of the toggle clasp onto one end of the chain using a small jump ring.

  7. Attach the other half of the toggle clasp to the other end of the chain.

And there you go, it’s done! Firstly I must thank my good friend Sara (an amazing Henna artist) for giving me a total treasure trove of trinkets and goodies that she’d accumulated over her travels (specifically back to her home country of Pakistan) – the pendant used for this particular DIY re-fashioning comes all the way from Karachi! Thanks Sara!

Secondly, it’s so easy to incorporate splashes of colour and sparkle in “pre-made” jewellery; a simple pendant can be lifted to an eye-catching and colourful piece by using beads, crystals and glue. DIY can be so simple – you can see why I love it!

Finally, I have decided to make this particular DIY a giveaway – all you need to do is head over to and “Like” the All Things Indulgent Facebook Page. The people who “Like” the post for this particular DIY will be entered into a lucky draw, the winner will be announced on Facebook on Tuesday Oct 23rd. Good Luck!

xoxo   V.

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