“SPArty” DIY Givenchy Leather Cuff

One of the best things about Hong Kong are the amazing people I have befriended both over my formative years and in more recent times. As a result, not surprisingly, a Hong Konger’s social life is usually pretty full up with a plethora of activities; and last Thursday, my evening was spent at what I can only describe as an awesome “Girls Night – Blogger Style”. I joined four other fabulous bloggers for a fun night of beauty, fashion, DIY, wine (obviously…) and cupcakes! The theme was “Gothic Glamour” and we each brought our ‘expertise’ within our specific blogging niche to our very own “SPArty”.

I brought individual DIY kits for everyone to try their hand at crafting; Karla from Layne Makeup Artistry brought and taught us how to apply the most faboosh of fake eyelashes (although by the time we got to the eyelashes we were a couple of glasses of vino into the evening so…Karla applied them for us – she has the steadiest hands!); Jasmine from DressmeBlog.me was our wonderfully organised coordinator and brought her stylistic fabulousness to the evening; Sabrina from Sabrina Sikora Photography lugged her massive camera and “documented” the SPArty (no doubt making us all look amazing with her incredible eye & *ahem* deft hand at retouching…) and Sandra from Simply Peachy, who brought the moorish cupcakes, cakepops and wedding cake (courtesy of Complete Deelite) whilst setting up a gothically glamourous dessert table for all to admire (note, this is when in typical HK Bloggers fashion, the cameras & instagramming went haywire!)

Our SPArty was hosted at the fantastic (and I can’t believe this was my first ever visit!) 10/10 Space and we were all able to enjoy a little pampering sesh alongside our wine. First time I’d had proper Minx nails done and oh my goodness I couldn’t believe the choice – I almost wish they didn’t last quite so long because I’d really love to chop and change the design on a whim!

All it in all -quite possibly the most perfect girlie evening!

But I digress, as I’d mentioned I brought along individual DIY kits for all the ladies to try their hand at DIY back at home (there simply wasn’t enough time to DIY that night between the wine, cupcakes, minx manicures, hair treatments, eyelashes…and more wine!) The inspiration behind the kits were Gothic Glamour so I decided to give some awesome Givenchy Cuffs a DIY-over.

Now, these lovely ladies already have their kits but for all you other fabulous readers:

What you need:

  • Leather Strip – about 2-3″ wide (depending on how thick you want the cuff)
  • 2 lengths burnt gold chain – 3-4″ long
  • 1 length gunmetal chain – 3-4″ long
  • Long sewing needle
  • Embroidery thread – 9x the length of one chain (once threaded & doubled over)
  • 2 Snap buttons
  • Contact Adhesive
  • Scissors

How to:

  1. Measure out the circumference of your wrist (or forearm if you want to wear your cuff a bit higher up), add on another 1″ and cut your leather strip to this length.
  2. Mark out where you’re going to glue your snap buttons on either end of the cuff (underside on one end and topside on the other)using tailor’s chalk.
  3. Line up where you are going to sew your chains onto the leather (I marked the start and end points with chalk), the two corresponding chains should line the outside: with the odd colour in the middle.
  4. Thread the needle with the embroidery thread and knot at the end.
  5. Line up one of the chains on top of the leather strip and using the needle, thread up from the underside through the middle of the first link in the chain. Pull all the thread through, loop the needle up and over the link and re-thread the needle back through the leather just on the other side of the same link.
  6. Repeat until the entire chain is sewn to the leather strip.
  7. Line the second chain alongside the first one and continue sewing up through the leather and continue till the second chain is sewn to the leather.
  8. Repeat with the final chain.
  9. Using contact adhesive, stick snap buttons to the marked spots on the leather strip and leave to dry.

And there you go! So easy and quick to make, we were initially going to make them at the SPArty in 10/10 Space but simply ran out of time because we were too busy drinking wine, eating cake and having a good ol’ girly natter! Anyway hopefully girls, you’re here following the tutorial alongside your DIY Kit and all my other lovely readers – I certainly hope this will inspire you to try some DIYing for yourselves!

Thank you again to all the amazing collaborators of the fab SPArty, looking forward to the next one already!

Happy DIYing!

xoxo    V.

**Selection of photos courtesy of Jasmine from Dressmeblog.me and Sabrina from Sabrina Sikora Photography


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