DIY Mcqueen-inspired Necklace

So my DIY hiatus from edgy hardware jewellery was relatively brief, seems like I can’t stay away from proper statement pieces because here I am blogging about my latest DIY jewellery obsession. Obviously I don’t really need to elaborate the reasons why I love Alexander Mcqueen’s style – the heavy metals, skulls, spikes, chains, gemstones…where do I even begin?! One of my favourite & biggest “investment” pieces is a massive bullet necklace by Alexander Mcqueen however, as much as I love it, I simply cannot wear it all the time – it totally weighs me down. I almost had to wear a neck brace after a particularly active girls night that involved plenty of cocktails and subsequently plenty of dancing. I could barely lift my head the next morning and it wasn’t (totally) to do with the hangover.

This wonderful DIY however has been able to bridge the discrepancy between big statement jewellery and sheer weight. It’s eye-catching and bold, not to mention massive but doesn’t cause bruising – what more could a girl want?

What you need:

  • Wide dark gold chain
  • 18 long gunmetal spikes
  • 10 big gray pearl beads
  • 1 big silver spring ring clasp
  • 23 medium gunmetal jump rings
  • 3 thin burnt metal cross pendants
  • 6″ Medium-sized gunmetal chain
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pliers

How to:

  1. Measure out from collar bone to collar bone and cut the wide chain the corresponding length.
  2. Heat the glue gun & once hot, glue the peals on top of the chain – there should be 3 links between each pearl.
  3. Lie the chain out and decide where you’re going to connect the spikes and cross pendants.
  4. Hook the spikes and and crosses onto the bottom of the chain using the jump rings.
  5. Using a jump ring, hook the spring ring clasp onto one end of the chain.
  6. Fold the medium-sized chain in half and using the pliers, hook the two open ends of the gunmetal chain onto the final jump ring and connect that jump ring to the open end of the wide chain.
  7. Using the pliers, open one of the links in the fold (middle of the chain) and hook it onto the other end of the spring ring clasp.

Whilst this DIY does incorporate many different components (chains, pearls, pendants, spikes etc) it doesn’t actually take too long to put together – I love deceptively easy DIY projects! Since I made this gorgeous piece of jewellery, so many people have been complimenting me and asking where I got it – well here you go my lovelies, it’s this easy, anyone can make it for themselves! So, why not try it out this weekend?

Happy DIYing!

xoxo  V.

**Update: After reader’s request, I have uploaded a photo of my wearing the necklace below:

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