“Red hair, Sir, in my opinion, is dangerous!”

I like to think that my hair acts as an extension of my personality, I love curling, crimping, straightening, teasing, cutting and colouring. Which, obviously means that I do need to take very good care of my hair during it’s “down days”, by which I mean intensive conditioning hair masks once a week, trims once every 6-8 weeks and serum/oil application after washes.

From when I was 11 to about 14, I loved my summer holidays, not only because they were…well…summer holidays, but because I got to dye my hair a brash and bright colour. No school dress code or rules so my mum was more than happy to let me “express myself”. My go-to colour was always bright fire-engine red. Because my hair is naturally very dark it was difficult to find a colour that would stand out as much as red did and boy did it stand out! Who knew that all it would take was 12 years for the likes of Katy Perry and Rihanna to make bright coloured hair chic?!

**Images courtesy of new-haircut.com & usatoday.com

For those not brave enough to take the plunge and dye their entire head of hair purple or blue, there’s the hair chalking trend. I’ve tried this numerous times and whilst some colours do show up on my brunette hair, it leaves my hair so dry and brittle (plus, as a friend recently highlighted, if there’s a serious gust of wind, it can look like there’s a rainbow tornado emerging from your scalp! Not a great look…). Thankfully however, I have found an answer to my temporary hair colouring needs – the fabulous Ms Cheri Keller of Hair Konnections.

I was at the HK Fashion Bloggers monthly Style Summit last week and Hair Konnections were the sponsors, providing revelers with their own brightly coloured “Pop Put On Pieces” clip-in extensions. Now, I remember these extensions during my early teenage years but I tell you what, the quality has certainly improved in the last decade, plus, Cheri’s expertise and passion for her products makes a significant difference. Distributing luxury hair extension pieces (ranging in colour and volume) and organic hair care products (including my favourite, Nashi Argan Oil), Hair Konnections should be your go-to shop when it comes to “hair-cessorising” in Hong Kong.

So, if you find yourself wanting to add a boost of colour into your life and hair, then head on over to Hair Konnections, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Unbelievably easy to clip in (I swear it takes less than 2 minutes) but fiercely eye-catching, now that’s definitely getting enough bang for your buck! My personal recommendation would definitely have to be the animal print extensions – they’ll certainly bring out your wild side!

Happy Hair-cessorising!

xoxo   V.

Hair Konnections
3B Man Bond Bldg
111-115 Jervois St, Central


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