DIY Anthropologie-inspired Necklace

I came across another awesome link on pinterest that brought me to the utterly fabulous Quiet Lion Creations blog. This DIY is gorgeous, elegant, summery and simple – an absolutely perfect piece of jewellery! And it didn’t take long to make – winning!

So the inspiration is the gorgeous Anthropologie “Perched Harmonies” necklace (seen above), it certainly isn’t a big statement piece of jewellery but it certainly is beautiful. When this necklace catches the sunlight, the rays dapple through the beads in different colours. It looks like a kaleidoscope pattern on your skin – I just love it!

What you need:

  • Thick gold wire (about 3mm)
  • Thin gold wire (0.5mm)
  • 13 small glass/plastic beads – all different colours
  • 12″ gold chain – cut into two 6″ lengths
  • 4 gold jump rings
  • 1 gold necklace clasp
  • Pliers
  • Thin & sharp Bradawl
  • Hammer

How to:

  1. Cut a pice of thick wire, about 4-5″ long. Bend the wire into a slight crescent shape. Using a hard surface, hammer the wire flat.

  2. Hammer the ends of the crescent more than the main length to really flatten it out.
  3. Using the sharp bradawl, hammer the sharp pick into either ends of the flat crescent  to make two holes (this will be where the pendant hooks onto the chain).

  4. Cut a length of thin wire, about 12-14″ long (if there’s extra spare, you can always cut it off). Tightly wrap one end of the wire around the pendant, just under one of the holes. Continue to wrap around numerous times to secure the thin wire.

  5. Thread the beads onto the wire, the order of the colours can be totally up to you. I tried to follow the colour order closely to the original.
  6. Wrap the thin wire around the pendant 3-4 times between each bead.

  7. Once all the beads are secured onto the pendant, continue to wrap the wire up to just under the other hole on the other end of the crescent. Tuck the end of the thin wire under the back of the pendant.
  8. Hook 2 jump rings onto either hole at either end of the pendant.

  9. Hook each chain length onto the same jump rings.
  10. Attach a jump ring to either end of the chains. Hook a necklace clasp onto one of the jump rings.

This necklace has been one of my favourites lately, I’ve been wearing it almost everyday – it really is a perfect summer accessory. I love the colours and my beads are translucent so the light really shines through – it’s like wearing a rainbow around your neck! This is definitely one to try out for yourself, pick out your favourite colours/colour scheme for the beads and within an hour you’ll have a gorgeous piece just like this.

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.


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