DIY Beaded Bracelet & Ring Chain

I absolutely love bracelet/ring combos – it’s a bracelet AND a ring! Chains, spikes, beads, bangles, gemstones, cuffs, chain-mail…the possibilities are endless. This piece can be girly, badass, boho, elegant, casual, exotic or vintage; whatever the look, it’s one of my absolute favourite types of accessories! For this particular one I used these cute leather & suede beads that I found in Sham Shui Po and paired it with a gold ring chain – it’s gone all bubbles & circles with this particular DIY.

What you need:

  • 10-12″ metal chain
  • 5 metal jump rings
  • 1 metal clasp
  • 2 looped head pins
  • 2 beads
  • Pliers

How to:

  1. Measure out and cut how long you’d like the bracelet section of the combo.
  2. Cut one 1″ piece of chain and one 2″ piece of chain.
  3. Thread a head pin through one of the beads (with the looped side at the bottom) then using the pliers, hook the straight end up through and over the second looped head pin. Thread the second bead onto the second head pin and form a loop at the top end.

  4. Attach the 1″ piece of chain to the middle of the bracelet section with a metal jump ring.
  5. Attach the beads to the top of the 1″ piece of chain using a metal jump ring.
  6. Attach the top of the beads to one end of the 2″ piece of chain.
  7. To form the ring section of the piece; loop the 2″ piece of chain and attach the end back onto the main length of chain with a jump ring. The width of the ring will depend upon your own finger size.

                          (this is how the overall layout of the piece should look)

  8. Attach the metal clasp to one end of the bracelet chain with a jump ring.

The green & pink of the beads mixed with the warm gold of the chain makes this a perfect spring/summer accessory that can be worn from day to night! This definitely won’t be the last you’ve seen of these types of accessories I must warn you – I have many more ideas to craft up!

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.


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