DIY Carabiner Statement Necklace

I spotted this awesome statement necklace on ASOS and immediately thought to myself “now that has serious DIY potential” and it would appear that I was correct! Sometimes the big statement pieces can be a lot easier to make than the dexterous and delicate pieces – this one in particular was really simple to put together and makes a really beautiful eye-catching statement piece.

What you need:

  • 7 Carabiner clips (climbing clips)
  • 2 yards thick ribbon (I used a thick woven mexican print but due to the versatile nature of the necklace, you can use any colour or patterned ribbon)
  • 14 big metal jump rings
  • 6 medium metal jump rings
  • 10-12″ big silver chain
  • 2 big flat wooden beads
  • 1 big silver feather pendant
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

How to:

  1. Cut the ribbon into 12-14″ lengths. Using the glue gun, glue one side of a length of ribbon to a carabiner clip and continue to glue and wrap the ribbon around the entire clip. Cut off any excess ribbon at the end. Repeat with all the clips.

  2. Each carabiner clip should be connected to the other with two big metal jump rings.

  3. The clips that form the main part of the necklace should form a circle: 6 clips forming the circle and one clip dropping down vertically.

  4. Loop the silver chain up and through the vertical carabiner clip. Connect the end of the chain with a metal jump ring back onto the main length of the chain.
  5. Connect the flat wooden beads 1/3 and 2/3’s of the way down the silver chain with jump rings.

  6. Hook the silver pendant onto the end of the silver chain with a jump ring.

There you go – this isn’t too time consuming and by the end you’ll have a gorgeous necklace. This looks great with neutrals, works with casual or dressy attire, can perfect a boho festival look…the possibilities are endless!

Happy DIYing!

xoxo  V.

Posted in: DIY

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