Balmy Beauty Tips – DIY Microdermabrasion

Another beauty DIY coming your way. I love facial micro-scrubs; they don’t feel as if they’re harshly peeling away your skin but rather, gently exfoliating the dead cells to make way for soft, dewy and glowing skin. Living in a city like Hong Kong during these hot and sticky summer days, the dirt build-up on your face can block pores and leave skin looking dull. Plus, if you like getting the sun on your face, regularly (about once a week) exfoliating will help you tan and keep your skin glowing. Finding a good scrub can be difficult – some don’t have the right consistency and others can dry out your skin. Therefore, when I came across this little gem it was just too good not to share. All you need is baking soda and water – how amazing is that?

  • Mix 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water.
  • Scrub on your face in a circular motion.
  • Wash off and moisturise.

It’s so easy! If you do this once a week, you’ll find your skin looking softer, smoother and healthier.

Happy scrubbing!

xoxo   V.

Posted in: DIY

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