DIY Spiked Chandelier Earrings

Fancy making an elegant yet edgy pair of earrings in less than 20 minutes? Look no further! This eye-catching pair can be dressed up or dressed down and won’t take too much time to whip up.

What you need:

  • 1 pair of earring hooks
  • 1 pair of chandelier earring component (with 5 loops)
  • 10 x One inch silver chain
  • 10 small metal spikes
  • 22 metal ring links
  • Scissors
  • Pliers

How to:

  1. Using the pliers, hook each spike onto the end of each length of chain with a metal ring link.

  2. Using the metal ring links, hook the tops of each chain onto the individual loops of the chandelier earring component.

  3. Hook a metal ring link through the top of each chandelier earring component and attach an earring hook onto each ring link.

And there you go – how easy is that? Quick and simple to make but the result is a gorgeous pair of statement earrings.

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.

Posted in: DIY

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