Beige Floral Fascinator

My dad once told me that he didn’t really get why women wear fascinators (or hats) at weddings and other such social engagements, at the time the only explanation I could offer was “well, they look nice!”. But now upon further inspection, I realise that it was a fully acceptable explanation. They do look nice; they can magnify a beautifully vintage look to an outfit; incorporate a colourful statement to accompany a monochrome look or simply add a regal elegance to any lady’s ensemble.

While I certainly don’t consider myself a master milliner like Mr Phillip Treacy, I do find it immense fun to rifle through the plethora of ribbons, sashes, buttons, embellishments, bows and trinkets available in any of the fabulous haberdasheries to be found on Yu Chau St (Sham Shui Po). And considering it’s been the Jubilee weekend back in the UK, head-fashion has been rife in my online fashion flicking!

Who says we need a wedding to wear head fashion? This fascinator can be a perfect accompaniment to a Sunday brunch outfit and seeing as how Father’s Day is coming up (June 17th) perhaps I’ll be able to change my dad’s views on head fashion…

What you need:

  • Fascinator base
  • Headband
  • 5 Mesh Flowers
  • 0.75 yards Floral Ribbon
  • 13 Flat-based pearl beads
  • 5 Clear crystals
  • Glue Gun
  • Spray paint

How to:

  1. Lay out some old newspaper and spray paint the fascinator base and leave to dry. I used gold as the colour scheme of the fascinator is beige. However, you can use whatever colour you like depending on what colour flowers and ribbon you use.

  2. Put the headband on your head and manually decide where you’d like the fascinator to rest on your head. Mark it out with a pen.
  3. Plug in the glue gun and stick the head band to the underside of the fascinator, making sure it crosses over the two places you’ve marked out.

  4. Using the glue gun, stick the ribbon onto the top of the fascinator base. Starting from the outside, continue to stick the ribbon in a spiral manner.

  5.  Stick each individual mesh flower down at random on top of the floral ribbon.

  6. Stick a crystal in the middle of each flower using the glue gun.

  7. Using the glue gun, stick 3 pearl beads on each mesh flower at random.

  8. Leave to dry. Then wear and be fabulous!


Other than waiting for things to dry, this DIY project was brilliantly easy and quick to complete! A fascinator is so versatile, anyone can put their personal style into it and the best thing is that it’s completely one of a kind so no risk of being caught matching someone else. This project will leave you ready for tea with the Queen so why wait – try it out for yourself!

Happy DIYing!

xoxo   V.

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